Inligo Networks is an independent private subsea cable owner and operator. We provide Governments and Global Organisations with dependable, open access, sub-sea cable capacity between key markets in Southeast Asia, Australia, Indonesia, The Indo-Pacific, Northeast Asia and the United States.

With over 100 years of combined global telecommunications experience between our Board of Directors and Management Team, working with our Global Partners, Inligo can provide your Organisation with access to global inter-connection points in 16 major cities. We connect the major telecommunications hubs across 3 global regions.

Spanning a distance of approximately 20,000 kms our network represents a new high capacity subsea cable system from Singapore, through Indonesia’s Java Sea, connecting East Timor and Darwin onto Guam, Japan and the US, providing an important alternate path for low latency, high capacity telecommunications and internet traffic from South East Asia to the United States.

The ACC1 cable system will provide significant connectivity between Singapore, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Australia and the United States . Construction is due to commence early 2023.