Inligo Networks (Inligo) announces it has signed an agreement with local East Timor service provider Sacomtel (STel) to deliver International communication services including international IP Transit capacity to Timor Leste. The agreement will provide the Timor Leste Government, carriers and organisations with directly connected international capacity to Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Japan and the USA reducing reliance on satellite services and providing faster, higher capacity, lower latency international services currently not available in country.

The agreement represents a new era in the delivery of international telecommunications services for Timor Leste, and our investment with Sacomtel, will open up many opportunities including the the development of commercial data centre opportunities, better internet services for business and allow schools and educational institutions to communicate effectively across international boundaries. Timor Leste can now look forward to a developing digital economy.

Under the agreement SacomTel will provide:

  • Land for the establishment of the ACC-1 Cable Landing Station (CLS) near Dili
  • Assistance with the establishment of the CLS in Dili
  • Inligo Networks access to the new Sacomtel Data Centre being constructed near Dili
  • Provide all landing licences and approvals for the ACC-1 cable system
  • Long term commercial offtake capacity for East Timor
  • Assist in connecting carriers and service providers to the ACC-1 cable system

Inligo Networks will help Timor Leste connect to the Asia Connect Cable System (ACC-1) under the new agreement.
East Timor will receive a connection to the ACC-1 International Cable System

Under the agreement Inligo Networks will:

  • Install and maintain all SLTE and PFE equipment at the Dili CLS
  • Manage the international connection for Sacomtel and East Timor
  • Connect services from the CLS to the newly established Sacomtel Data Centre in Dili
  • Provide Sacomtel with wholesale capacity into East Timor
  • Assist Sacomtel with management of wholesale customer contracts requiring international capacity

Further to the agreement, Inligo Networks will use a new Data Centre Facility being built and operated by Sacomtel for connecting customers of Sacomtel and also assist international customers with gaining access to data centre services in Dili.

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